Olifants River Lodge and Safaris is geographically situated on the northern shore of the Olifants River, approximately 17 kilometres south of the town of Phalaborwa. The river flows from west to east, through the Kruger National Park into the neighbouring country Mosambique. The lodging facilities consist of sleeping accommodation in chalets for 40 persons with en suite bathrooms, kitchen, bar, barbecue boma and swimming pool. One of the largest private game reserves, namely the Greater Kruger Park Game Reserve, borders on the opposite side of the river, where the following wildlife are regularly spotted from the lodge: buffalo, elephant, lion, water buck, kudu, impala. You can listen to the roar of lions at night. One of the entrance gates to the Kruger National Park is in Phalaborwa.


This area is part of the Lowveld and exceptionally warm, because of the low altitude above sea level. The weather is warm and dry with occasional rainfall in summer months from September to April. Winter months are pleasantly warm, with coolness in the evenings. The chalets are equipped with air conditioners. The surroundings are dense with typical indigenous trees, bush and grass associated with the African bushveld, where wildlife of all sorts are still abundant. Hippos, crocodiles and birds can be viewed from the camp, with occasional elephant visits as well. The Limpopo Province is a summer rainfall area. Rain is infrequent and generally in the early morning. Average Temperatures: Summer: 30 degrees C / 87 degree F Winter: 23 degrees C / 73 degrees F Malaria: As Olifants River Lodge and Safaris is located within the malaria belt, we recommend that guests discuss preventative medication and repellents with their family practitioner / pharmacist, prior to arrival. Mosquito repellents are available at the lodge.